WWE WrestleMania: The implosion of ESM comes to a head on The Grandest Stage of Them All

Oh, how the tables have turned. The self destruction of Elite Sports Management has been one of the focal points of the last year, and it finally culminates at WrestleMania. Apollo Crews finds himself on the opposite end of ESM's crosshairs, having returned to win the Royal Rumble and go on to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. It all comes down to this. Two egos collide. And this may either cement ESM's infamous legacy, or bring it to a crushing end.


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World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

The reign of Samoa Joe has been somewhat of a nightmare, quite literally. The Destroyer is no stranger to stiff competition, facing each and every challenger head on with no hesitance. But has he ever crossed paths with anyone quite like The Fiend? The answer is no. Because nobody is quite like The Fiend. The nightmarish creature has continuously stalked the World Heavyweight Champion since No Way Out and has risen to the challenge on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Can Samoa Joe overcome this unorthodox opponent, or will The Fiend drag Joe to hell and emerge victorious as Champion?

Ricochet vs. The Rock

Ricochet has developed quite the attitude over the last few months, and it has led to him drawing the ire of a certain legendary superstar. The One and Only would choose to continuously poke the bear as he used The People's Champion's moves, his mannerisms, and his catchphrases. All that brought back The Rock himself who had a challenge for the brash, young superstar for a match at The Show of Shows. In what is without a doubt the biggest opportunity in Ricochet's career, can he truly go one-on-one... with The Great One?

SmackDown Women's Champion Toni Storm vs. Nikki Cross

The quest to find a rightful number one contender for the SmackDown Women's Championship took an extraordinary turn to say the least. Several women clammered for the opportunity, but it was Nikki Cross' shocking return that caught the eye of Toni Storm and this led to her accepting a bout with the crazy superstar at WrestleMania. Does Toni Storm know what she is getting into with this dangerous competitor?

Intercontinental Champion Keith Lee vs. WALTER

When Keith Lee arrived in the WWE, he immediately made a name for himself as a dominant competitor, taking down any and all challengers, including the legendary Rey Mysterio, eventually leading to him capturing the Intercontinental Championship, and having an impressive reign. But one man who never actually lost the title was WALTER, who made his return to lay out the challenge for Lee. These two behemoths will collide, and who knows if Las Vegas will still be standing when it's all said and done.

Drew McIntyre vs. Kane (Hell in a Cell Match)

Drew McIntyre notably brought an ends to the career of The Undertaker at Survivor Series, cementing his legacy in the history books. However, The Deadman's brother was still very much alive and kicking, and had revenge on his mind. The Big Red Machine targetted McIntyre in the Men's Royal Rumble Match and has relentlessly targetted The Sinister Scot ever since. It boils down to this - a Hell in a Cell Match - at WrestleMania. One way or another, these men are going to quite literally go through Hell.

Big E vs. Shawn Michaels

Big E was given the keys to the D-Generation X lineage by Triple H and Shawn Michaels, and found success in the process. However, when the group appeared to be dwindling, The Game and HBK returned to express their displeasure in Big E's leadership skills, causing them to come to blows. After Big E was able to defeat Triple H at Judgment Day, it seems as thought he had overcome his former DX mentors, but when Shawn Michaels made a shocking return to strike Big E with Sweet Chin Music, it all came rushing back and as a result, they are set to square off in Las Vegas to settle the score.

Raw Tag Team Champions The American Grapplers Association vs. Erick Rowan & Braun Strowman

When Bray Wyatt brought about his Firefly Fun House, he didn't come alone. He brought with him, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman, as his disciples. And these two monsters gained an obsessive interest in the Raw Tag Team Championships. The current Champions, Oney Lorcan and Timothy Thatcher had no problem accepting Rowan and Strowman's challenges, but when the monstrous pair would assault The AGA and steal the titles, things would become more personal. Which of these two hard-hitting teams will leave WrestleMania with the titles?

Kevin Owens vs. El Generico

They truly are destined to fight forever. El Generico made a surprising return at the Royal Rumble and crossed paths with his on and off friend, Kevin Owens. The Prizefighter initially refused to rise to Generico's constant prodding, claiming that he didn't know if he still had the fight in him that he used to have during their historic battles. But there's only so far you can push a man before he snaps, and Kevin Owens snapped. Bringing out "the old Kevin Owens", he fought back and accepted Generico's WrestleMania challenge. Will we truly see the vicious and violent Kevin Owens return to the ring?

Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Rusev vs. Baron Corbin vs. Kalisto (Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

With WrestleMania comes opportunity, and what better opportunity than the Money in the Bank Ladder Match? Six men will do battle in this unique battle, all hoping to claim the golden contract that entitles them to a World Championship match at any time, any place for up to one year. Two men from Raw, two men from SmackDown, and two men from NXT will enter this match looking to cement their place as the "one to watch" and potentially punch their ticket to a World Championship reign.

Dexter Lumis vs. Noam Dar (Kickoff Match)

There's something strange about Dexter Lumis, and Noam Dar knows it first hand. For weeks, the oddball has developed an obsession with the Scottish Supernova, and has stalked him from a distance for the longest time. Having had enough of Lumis' constant presence, the two look to go head-to-head in the Kickoff Match of WrestleMania.

André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Highlights (Kickoff Match)

The André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal comes to Las Vegas, featuring male superstars from all three brands, looking to make their name on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Who will walk out with the prestigious trophy?

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WWE Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Apollo Crews

Oh, how the tables have turned. The self destruction of Elite Sports Management has been one of the focal points of the last year, and it finally culminates at WrestleMania. Apollo Crews finds himself on the opposite end of ESM's crosshairs, having returned to win the Royal Rumble and go on to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. It all comes down to this. Two egos collide. And this may either cement ESM's infamous legacy, or bring it to a crushing end.
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Brock Lesnar vs. Edge

The rivarly between Brock Lesnar and Edge is not about titles, or about main events, or even about wrestling at all. This is personal. The Beast was responsible for putting The Rated R Superstar in the hospital and never showed any remorse for doing so. But when Edge made a shocking return at the Royal Rumble, he made it very clear that he was no longer "retired", vowing to step back into the ring to get his revenge on the man who took away months of his life. The Ultimate Opportunist is back in full form, but will it prove to be a mistake to challenge such a dangerous competitor, knowing what Brock Lesnar is capable of?

Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi Blackheart made history when she made her debut in the Women's Royal Rumble Match and went on to win the whole thing. With the newest addition to the WWE roster making a huge statement upon her arrival, she ahd the opportunity to challenge for any Women's Championship she pleased on The Grandest Stage of Them All. After weeks of teases and confrontation with each Champion, she finally settled on the red brand and laid out ehr challenge to Rhea Ripley. The Australian Nightmare wasn't backing down and gladly accepted the challenge, meaning that these two powerful women will collide at WrestleMania with the gold at stake.

United States Champion Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Cedric Alexander

While these men may have once been allies, the competition for the United States Championship appeared to drive a wedge between them both. But perhaps the gold wasn't all that caused rifts between the two, as Zelina Vega also played a vital role in the dissension. The manager of Andrade appeared to take matters into her own hands when she taunted and even attacked the number one contender, causing respect to be thrown to the sidelines. These two talented superstars will no doubt put on a show in Las Vegas, but will Zelina Vega continue to play a pivotal part in this Championship rivalry?

AJ Styles vs. Finn Bálor (Unsanctioned Match)

The Club is no more, and that has never been clearer. The bitter rivalry between AJ Styles and Finn Bálor has reached its boiling point and will culminate in a match that even WWE officials didn't want to happen. The pure hatred between these two men proved to be too much to handle, resulting in them facing off at WrestleMania in an Unsanctioned Match. Both men are held personally accountable for their actions, and the WWE will be protected from any and all legal implications that may arise following this brutal encounter. This will certainly be far from "too sweet".

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Apex Dominance vs. Tyler Breeze & Johnny Curtis

For months, Tyler Breeze and Johnny Curtis have made the life of SmackDown General Manager, EC3 a misery, claiming to have something over him that could potentially ruin his entire career. And it was later revealed that the information in question had a link to one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Bobby Lashley. Using their leverage over the General Manager, the pair landed themselves an opportunity at the title at WrestleMania, but can Orton and Lashley keep this devious duo at bay?

Roman Reigns vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Roman Reigns remained absent for quite some time, many eagerly anticipating his return. And when he finally did, Tommaso Ciampa appeared to fall into his crosshairs after Ciampa seemed to develop an interest in the return of The Big Dog. Both men are hard-hitting and determined to leave their mark, so this one is sure to not be for the weak of heart. But which will walk out with the win is anyone's guess.

Cesaro vs. Chad Gable

Cesaro was yet another victim of ESM's reign of terror, suffering beating after beating at the hands of Daniel Bryan and company. But when Apollo Crews returned and evened the odds, Cesaro was able to get some measure of revenge over his rivals. But at The Show of Shows, he will finally get his hands on Chad Gable in a one-on-one match. With Bryan and Crews colliding on the same night, could this match prove to be the preview of things to come at WrestleMania?
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Pete Dunne vs. Dominik Dijakovic (World Cup Finals)

The World Cup of Professional Wrestling has given us some of the most incredible contests in recent memory, featuring nine of the world's best competitors battling it out for the right to claim the first ever WWE World Cup. It has come down to a battle at WrestleMania between England's Pete Dunne and Dominik Dijakovic, representing Croatia. After the gruelling tournament that saw these two come out with the highest scores, they will clash for the right to name themselves "best in the world".

Xia Li vs. Liv Morgan (Kickoff Match)

The highly anticipated debut of Xia Li didn't disappoint as she dominated her competition. But quickly drew the ire of Liv Morgan. After costing her a match on Raw, Morgan was obviously furious and it led to a match between the two in Las Vegas as part of the Kickoff Show. Which of these women will leave with a huge victory under their belt?
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Chyna Memorial Battle Royal Highlights (Kickoff Match)

The women of all three brands will step up to compete in this memorial match to the legendary Chyna. Who will walk out with the trophy in honour of the former Women's Champion?