First of all. Thank you to anyone who has ever clicked on, enjoyed, been entertained by, laughed at, got angry with, marked out over, liked, shared or subscribed because of one of my videos.

My passion for making content hasn't been acquired, it's always been there. I create things with absolutely everything I have. My commentary and editing isn't so much of a performance as it is just the unrivalled love for what I do.

There are a number of ways you can support the channel monetarily and all help out so much with improving the gear and the quality of everything I do. ALL money I earn from anything on YouTube goes straight into YouTube again to improve everything. I appreciate any kind of support you give regardless of if it is monetary or just watching!

Love you all.



Patreon is a tier based system that sees you get more rewards the more you donate. Starting from just $1 a month you can join the discord and talk about all things wrestling and Universe Mode with me and other like minded people! It also gives you the unique opportunity to get early access to all videos if you join for as little as $3 a month. There is that and much much more!

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Joining the Murfs Elite means you are joining a very exclusive club of people who have access to the special custom emotes to use in the live chat while watching SWA, RAW or SmackDownLive! You also get access to our special discord server as well!

This is a YouTube only feature and perfect for those who want to enhance their live stream experience!


If you don’t want an ongoing commitment but want to be kitted out in awesome MYT13 inspired apparel you can head to our TeeSpring store and pick up a cool hoodie, T-Shirt or even stickers!

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